Teezur Jigs

TeeZur Crappie Jigs
Makers of the Hot Head Jig head

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Hot Head Jigs are the best quality crappie jig on the market. We use 100% American made products, including high quality Eagle Claw* jig hooks. When the jig is snagged, the hook will bend and pull-out for easy reuse. What sets the TeeZur Jig apart from the others is the double barb under the jig head that establishes a better jig skirt grip.

Hot Head jigs are hand-painted with high gloss, non-chip candy colored paints and have stick-on colored eyes for a matching, balanced jig.

*”Eagle Claw” is a registered trademark of Wright & McGill Co

Hot Head Jig Heads Standard Pour

All Jig prices come with standard size bronze hooks, GOLD & RED hooks available upon request.

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