We would love to hear your success story using the TeeZur Jig and post it here for all to read. If you have pictures, we would love to see them as well and post them in a photo gallery for everyone to enjoy as they read your story.

To submit your story, click HERE. If you have photos you would like to send us as well, please send them via email to: teezur@charter.net.

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Edd Foulks uses Teezur Jigs



Got fixed up with teezur jig heads by Jim Raymer of Noblesville, Indiana. Jim intorduced me to the teezur jig head, 3/32 oz jig head. The 3/32 oz seems to be a perfect size to match up with about any size tube from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2. Teezur jigs hold your tubes on better and dont bend like others, and the hook stays sharp. I am very happy with the color selection and the beating that the jig heads can take.

Thanks Don for a great jig head
Eric Millsaps



A few fish we caught at Guntersville. I was using your silver jig head with a bass assasian. Keith Dodd











3-lb crappie caught by David Denton on teezur jig

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